Seeing how this is my first post and all of zero people are going to see it, I figure it deserves to be a quality one.

My mind wondered today to the old tried and true tag line “Do not as I do, but as I say”, or something to that effect. The line that people in “respectable” (typically clerical) positions like to use when they are caught doing something which they advocate against.

Now, to be fair to the esteemed gentlemen (they are typically men after all), there is a lot of truth in that statement. But, not in the sense that it is usually used (we are all sinners, and so am I, bla, bla, bla). Rather, in a sense that even when one grasps a truth about some sliver of life, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one will live that sliver of life from now on completely differently then one has ever lived it before. It could mean that, but it usually doesn’t.

Humans are just too practical for such nonsense. After all there is a reason we (and everybody else) lived our life the way we did before this truth came into our life, and practicality is usually the thing that drives that.

Just look at all of the Christians in the world today. So many of them, and such a simple message to follow, but so very, very, very few do it. Why? It is just not practical to give up all your worldly possessions to the poor (for example). It is much more practical to give a bit, now and then, and keep the rest for your own enjoyment. And I pick on my Christian brethren because I grew up among them, and know them better then the other “book idealist”. But, I would bet that in every group of people, anywhere on this earth, there is a very large majority of pragmatist masquerading as “book idealist”.

Not to give an impression that I believe to somehow be immune to this disease – I am not, that is where the idea for the post came in the first place, from my own twisted head. However, I try not to masquerade as much as I can. And, it is not easy – the world doesn’t make it so. It wants us to get dressed up as this or that, to fit here or there. And even when you don’t, they will find you a spot, if nothing then to keep things simple and tidy (we don’t want to sprain our brain with all that unnecessary thinking and such).


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